Codeigniter Development

One of the most famous, flexible and lightweight framework for php. It is lossely based on MVC which help you to manage codes efficiently and help you code efficiently. We have adapted this framework 3 years ago and now it is our expertise to develop full customize application. We have developed more than 300 application that made us comfortable and expert to customize and integrate it with various Third party applications.

Benefits of Codeigniter framework

Codeigniter is most flexible and easy to use framework.


With a very small footprint Application development on codeigniter is really fast.

Modular Code

With an MVC approach Codeigniter make it easy to manage the cost and make it less complicated to make further modification.

Wide Community

With a millions of fan Codeigniter neables us to solve any technical issues and custom requirement quickly.


With Features like Basepath, Active records, XSS filter Codeigniter helps our application to become safe from remothe code execution, Sql Injection.